Ernie Sanders
Taught instrumental music in the Louisville Schools for 35 years.  Played with the Kinetics, Pat Whalen Orchestra, Don Krekel Orchestra, Keith Stonecipher Orchestra, Don Ford Combo, Dean Taylor's Five Easy pieces, Cosmo and the Counts, the Louisville Orchestra, John Paine's Paine and Pleasure, the Sultans, the Pendulum Orchestra, the Ovation Orchestra, and lead the Kosair Brass Band for 10 years.  Ernie also sells albums world-wide through CD Baby and iTunes as the Country Clarinet.

Tony Ratterman
Tony is a 50 year member and original piano player of The Epics, graduate of Christ The King Grade School, St. Xavier High School and Xavier University. USMC Vietnam Veteran, funeral director and father of two dedicated musician sons and one music loving daughter. Is blessed with five fun grandchildren.

Tony's claim to Fame is playing a duet with Chuck Berry at a Louisville concert. Loves light classical music and Frank Sinatra, composers John Barry, Henry Mancini, early Beatles, Glen Miller, Barry Manilow and Van Morrison, Twin-Limb, and Famous On Friday. Serves The Uptown Band as business manager.

JoEtta Stormes
JoEtta started out singing in the '70s at an Opry House in Loogootee, Indiana,  backed up by her husband's band, The Blue Sky Cowboys.  She then went on to sing rock & roll with a group called Scoundrel, made up of musicians from Southern Indiana and Lexington, Kentucky. After leaving Scoundrel she began singing with Metro, a well established group from Louisville, for close to 10 years.  That gig brought her to Louisville's Own which morphed into The Uptown Band.  "I'm just happy to be here and still singing with this group of great guys, " she says.

Steve Meyer

Steve began playing guitar at age 10 by taking lessons at Central Conservatory of Music in Louisville. At age 16, he was hired as a teacher and worked as a guitar teacher through college. Steve has been a part of several bands over the years ( Leaves of Autumn, Luann & Windstorm, Bob Brickley & Parade, and more ) and has performed on stage with musicians from STAX records in Memphis, including Rufus Thomas and his daughter Carla Thomas.

Wayne King
Wayne started his musical journey on piano then moved on to clarinet in middle school and alto saxophone in high school. He studied under jazz great Jamey Aebersold and worked with many jazz players in town. His first rock band was the "The Chateaus" (Moan'in) and then "Cosmo and the Counts. He served three years with the U.S. Army band where he picked up the upright bass and on to the bass guitar. After returning home, Wayne played some Dixieland then R&B with local great Len Wade.

One of the many highlights of his career was working with comedian "Redd Foxx". Wayne spent the '80s with the "Polo Band". He stepped away fro slipped out of music for twenty some odd years and came back after retirement to many wonderful musicians. This band is awesome and I am "Loving every minute of it."

Stephen 'Boomer' Brown
Stephen's career in music began in 1976 when he began playing drums with the variety band Topaz. The band stayed together for nearly 20 years, taking time off occasionally for members to raise their children. During one of these downtimes, two years to be exact, Stephen played with The Carroll Hess Trio. Topaz disbanded for good in 1994, and Stephen took the rest of the ‘90s off to concentrate on family and career.

In early 2002 Stephen became a founding member of two groups: The Hit Men, a variety dance band; and the fun-loving Johnny Doughnut Experience, which is a perennial performer at Abbey Road on the River. The Hit Men had a successful 10-year run, and the Johnny Doughnut Experience still performs to this day, although Stephen only occasionally subs for the band.
In the five years prior to joining the Uptown Band, Stephen played with the rock group Audio Addiction and the blues group Carla Zee and Holy Smoke.